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Two notes, one voice

Anna-Maria Hefele

Voice Artist


No technical glitch, no audio system failure: what you’re about to hear in this extraordinary talk is totally real, and totally human. It is a technique we can all be trained for, and our speaker Anna-Maria Hefele is one of its most prominent representative. It’s called “Polyphonic overtone singing” and it consists in singing two notes in a single vocal emission. Looks like magic, but it’s science-backed hard work and research. Enjoy!

Anna-Maria Hefele is an overtone singer and voice artist. In 2018 she graduated as Master of Arts in Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy with classical singing as her main subject from Mozarteum Salzburg. 2014 she published her YouTube video „polyphonic overtone singing“ that became viral and has resulted in more than 13 million views, followed by regular appearances of Anna-Maria in various international television shows and radio broadcasts. „A voice as from another world“, „the lady with the two voices“, „polyphonic vocalist does the impossible“ – these and other headlines have spread across the world. Anna-Maria Hefele began with overtone singing in 2005 and has written compositions and arrangements for polyphonic solo voice from 2006. Since 2010 Anna-Maria is working as a soloist with different ensembles, choirs or orchestras and collaborates with contemporary composers. As a musician she is frequently integrated in contemporary ballett, circus and dance theatre productions.

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