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Streamed from TEDxMünchenSalon

Moritz Magnus Reitschuster (32) is an original “Münchner Kindl”. Since finishing his philosophy studies in 2015 he’s been actively involved in humanitarian aid.
He started as a volunteer for the IHA helping refugees along the Balkan route. Afterwards he worked as a field coordinator for CESRT, a local grassroots initiative on the Greek island Chios. There he coordinated boat spotting and shore patrol and was responsible for the initial care of new arrivals. Besides this work Moritz built up a cooperation with the upcycling startup Mimycri – Boats to Bags in order to give abandoned refugee boats a second life – as bags, produced in collaboration with refugees themselves.
For three years now he’s been the operations manager of the IHA (Intereuropean Human Aid Association Germany e.V.) where he has the overall responsibility for IHA’s humanitarian projects, being the first full-time employee of IHA in Germany.