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Live from TEDxGenovaSalon

Chris Richmond Nzi, (male), born in Ivory Coast on the 11th of June 1985 and graduated in international rights and diplomacy in Switzerland, is the founder and CEO of Mygrants, the most widely used educational app for refugees and asylum seekers in Italy. As former senior Strategic Analyst and senior Commissioner at Frontex, his expertise was the monitoring of influencing factors in the migration flows toward the European external borders and the creation of weekly, monthly and yearly reports with forecasting trend analysis. Along with his role at the Agency, Chris carried out several activities aimed at nourishing his growing interests concerning the application of new technologies, such as: the management of hospital and ASL archives; the economic relations among Public Administration, business owners and citizens; new blended educational models in favour of vulnerable individuals – with a focus on immigrants and asylum seekers; the formal and informal recognition of acquired skills.