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Camilla Paternò has always been interested in telling stories through different mediums – writing for television, directing documentaries and producing projects on social and contemporary issues.

In the documentary “L’eletta”, she explored gender identity in contemporary Italian society while following the political campaign of the first transgender politician elected in the Italian parliament. In “Happiness Inc.”, a study on the dark side of a cult, Camilla explored contemporary issues around social isolation and religion in America.

After completing a Master in Fine Arts at Columbia University, she remained in the United States, directing reportages for Italian Public Television. Back in Italy since 2010, she worked as a screenwriter for the most successful Italian television series “E’ arrivata la felicità” and “Questo nostro amore” (produced by Rai television) while continuing her work as a filmmaker directing “The saints are coming” (MART Museum).

Most recently, in 2017, she won the creative Europe and Refugee integration grant for Re-future Project, a visual storytelling workshop taking place in Sicily, designed to teach a group of refugee minors how to observe their new reality through the simplest tool at their disposal – a smartphone. She is the story editor and producer of Tumaranké the documentary that was shot by the young refugees and that came out of this experience.